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Download my PhD Thesis (10/02/2005) (English)

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Download my Diploma Thesis(24/09/2001) (Italian)

Luca Fiorini Home Page

This is my home page at CERN, where you can find some relevant information and documentation about me.


I was born in La Spezia, Italy in 1977. I studied physics in Pisa, the town known in all the world for its leaning tower and I will soon obtain a PhD in Physics at Scuola Normale Superiore
My main field of research is particle physics. I' m currently a collaborator of NA48 experiment at CERN, that measured the direct component of CP violation in Kaon decays.


Besides physiscs, I' m particulary interested in anything related to Information Technology, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Martial Arts.
I also used to be a role player, a Magic player.